The organizing committee is pleased to announce the First European Purine Meeting to be held in Santiago de Compostela from 4-6 September 2019.

For more than 1.000 years, since the 814, Santiago was the place where all the Europeans and their diverse cultural heritages met in peace. This is a powerful reason to organise here our foundational meeting, hoping to be inspired by the most stunning Romanesque art.

Over the last purinergic meetings, we were aware of the advances in the field and how many of the obstacles were overcome. Thanks to long road paved by the pioneers, like the pilgrims, we can now enjoy of a splendid sight. Notwithstanding, we still need to put emphasis in basic science, and the ways to translate its achievements into novel pharmacological and clinical applications.

The experience of senior scientists offers the necessary background to settle where we are in the purinergic field. We wait for their advice concerning proposals for Symposia and more relevant speakers. But, to go further, the brain of young scientists will make the difference, and hence we will pay special attention to them. We hope that for many of the young scientists assisting to this meeting, the forthcoming Meeting could be opportunity to display their first poster, or make their first presentation, and even get their first award.

Convinced that the First European Purine Meeting will remain in your memories forever, now we start the way to Santiago de Compostela. We hope that all of us will meet again at the end of the way from 4-6 September 2019.

With my best regards.

All the best!

Mª Teresa Miras-Portugal

Congress Chairperson


    • Early registration: until May 31st, 2019

    • Late registration: from June 1st, 2019

    • Symposium proposals: until 4th February, 2019

    • Abstracts submission: 6th May 2019


Early registration: until May 31st, 2019

Late registration: from June 1st, 2019

Symposium proposals: 4th February 2019

Abstracts submission: 6th May 2019